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Not just about University: Padova offers different ways to gather young people
wich are aiming to go for outdoor activities, join events in the city or spend
a fun night with their friends.

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Our Advices for the Students

Padova university was founded in 1222, it is among the most ancient in the world and the main science center of Europe. Its numerous courses of study, and specialisations, have been attracting students from every European city for centuries.
Find out more about the departments and how to get there from our flats on the pages below.

Strolling around Padova

For outdoor activities lovers , history enthusiasts and those who want to visit the city's
surroundings, here is a short list of the main locations

Our Itineraries

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Cappella Scrovegni

Last-minute Padova Tour

SOS Visiting Parents
Are your parents arriving and you don't know what to do? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The solution is a tour of the city to discover the most important places... contact us for a special programme!

Basilica Antonio

Comfy Shoes and phone!

Discovering the "Instagrammable" city
Starting from the most photographed places, our visit will be a walk outside, where, together with a guide, you can take pictures of the places most photographed by both tourists and Paduans... a visit through the lens!

Street Art

Padova Street Art Tour

The new frontier of Art, made up of more or less colourful images that tell a story to those who want to stop for a moment and look beyond appearances, to read between the lines. From Tony Gallo to Kenny Random to Alessio B, all the works that have enriched our city.

Palazzo Ragione

Padova in CinemaScope

Lights, camera, action!
Cinemas, theatres and film sets

Theatre seasons, spite and whims of owners, actors and dancers. Avant-garde cinemas and places that, as the backdrop to the adventures of protagonists and extras, are immortalised by directors... a visit to the city where the profession of actor found its first legal recognition.

What to Visit

Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle

Italy's largest square, an ideal place to stroll among the market stalls every Saturday, to study or relax outdoors enjoying the lawn and the shade of the trees on hot days.

Piazza Erbe

Padova Squares

Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Frutti and Piazza dei Signori are a must to stop for an aperitif after class or to spend an evening with friends sitting at a table in one of the many bars that frame the squares.

Orto Botanico

Orto Botanico

The oldest university garden in the world with more than 6,000 specimens with 3,500 botanical species and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enter at a reduced price by showing your University badge and there is also a biodiversity garden.

Giardini dell'Arena

Giardini dell'Arena

A perfect location to relax or have an aperitif with friends, taking advantage of the kiosks inside. During the spring and summer months it is the setting for numerous events that enliven the city.

Day & Night Life

Bar Padova

Breakfast in Padova

In the Piazze area, the Milk bar for traditional breakfast and the Caffeine in Via Roma for more international atmosphere and breakfast/brunch; in the Portello area, the Red Velvet pastry shop for fabulous cakes and cupcakes.

Mangiare Padova

Lunch in Padova

For lunch, in the Piazze area you can't miss a sandwich from the wide selection offered by La Zita or a tasty panzerotto from Da Prette, and in the Santo area a quick pasta dish from Sugo.

Ristorante Padova

Aperitif in Padova

Aperitifs are the highlight of the day in Padua, and there are plenty of places to do them, but the unmissable ones are definitely in the Piazze area, always with a spritz accompanied by a hot sandwich at Nazionale or a porchetta sandwich at Bar Degli Osei.

Pub Padova

Dinner in Padova

In the Via Roma area, a slice of pizza at Fly after hours in the classroom, and in the Ghetto area, some Chinese dishes at Shanghai Naturalmente, or a hamburger at Hamerica's; in the Piazze area, a pizza al cubo after an aperitif at Pizza al Cubo.